Thinning Hair

Does it matter to you? Really?

If you really are fine with losing your hair that's great. Some people really suit  the bald look. Think about Vin Diesel and Patrick Stewart.

If you are going to let it go, then go short! Very short, stubble or shaven. Shaving your hair doesn't affect its loss rate, so try it! It will just grow back the same if you don't like it.

If you are not happy losing your hair there are real ways to halt the process and reverse it.

There are costs involved, but maybe not as much as you think.

There are medicines, electronic devices, lotions, and operations, but which will suit you, will it work, what are the side effects?

We will give you the honest truth, from real experience, and real costs. It really can change your life, bringing you confidence and popularity. Our information booklet is not expensive and will guide through all the options about hair loss and the other subjects on this site.